You may be called to a different path but that does not mean you are lost. You may have a greater purpose planned for you than you can ever imagine.

Will you dare to accept the Call?

 Most women have a dream that we have slipped quietly on a shelf at some point in our lives, letting it slowly collect dust as the busyness of life engulfs us. We think that is where it is meant to stay, that to go after this dream would be unrealistic or selfish in some way. Some of us have let it stay there so long, we have actually forgotten it is there.

What we didn't realize is that in putting our dreams up on that dusty shelf, we forgot who we were. We have forgotten our true selves, the deepest part of us who knows our value and takes purposeful action, who follows our inner guidance and wisdom.

Is this you? How does this happen? At some point in your life, you made an agreement, perhaps unconsciously, to suppress your gifts and dreams in order to fit in, to be liked, accepted, and even loved. Fitting in - and seeking validation from others - became more important than being who you really are. Until the restlessness, boredom, and dissatisfaction crept in. Until you started to think, "Hey, wait, there is more to life than this..." The truth of your heart is this: You are born to a greater purpose than you can even imagine. You been given a unique set of gifts and life experiences that are a part of your path, and you have everything you need within you to live your full potential and to create the life you always knew you were meant to have. You also have a set of lessons to learn and barriers to overcome. Everything about who you are, what you love, what you have experienced is to prepare you for the moment in which you consciously say "YES!" to awakening to who you truly are and fulfilling your potential. Every woman's potential is unique, just like she is. When you give permission for your spirit to awaken, to consciously say "Yes" to yourself, you release yourself from your inner suffering, experiencing a deep peace and freedom. From this place of inner freedom, you  ripple out love and acceptance to others, healing and strengthening relationships,sharing the gifts that others are needing from you, and creating a web of love and support for this and the next generation. You are much stronger and braver than you think. What I want for you is to fully and apologetically tap into the your power - so you can experience the life you were born to have.

 Where are you in your spiritual journey to becoming all you can be? Click here to find out.

"Nicole taught me to recognize my natural strengths and encouraged me to pursue a path that suited me, rather than reshaping myself to fit a mold I thought I should fit. "

~Asma Stephan, Content Strategist & Woman-of-Many-Interests

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