3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Yourself Out There – Or Should You?

1. “I have nothing to share.”

Not true! You are unique. In the history of the world, now, and the future of the world to come, there will never be anyone like you. You have your life experiences and perspectives. You have your opinions and wisdom. All of this is valuable and is something that only you can share because only you have experienced your life through your eyes and heart.

2. “But, it’s not new information.”

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But what is most important is that the way you share something might be the “click” for someone else. Trust that you have a purpose in this lifetime and your purpose impacts others in a supportive way. As humans, our lives overlap – we experience similar events, and emotions from fear to joy. So, what we share with one another may not be “new” but there will be a space where something has not overlapped, where a new perspective on an old situation lingers. Someone out there needs you to share that with them. They need to receive it from you.

3. “People won’t like it.”

Some won’t. That’s the truth. But some will and that is the point. No one likes everything someone does. It just doesn’t work that way. That’s okay – and good, actually, because it gives us all space to create different impacts on each other. Your messages are meant for specific people at specific times. Think about this: Have you ever heard “just the right thing” at the right time? Trust that you are having a similar impact on someone else, though you may not know it. Share your message(s) with the people out there who will resonate with what you have to offer and let someone else share with the rest. In the end, everyone gets taken care of in some way.

These hurdles (read: fears) often stop us from putting ourselves out there, whether it be in our businesses, careers, love lives, friendships, or in daily life. You do have something to share, and there are people out there who need to hear this information from you, in your style, from your own, unique heart.

What holds you back from putting yourself out there? As always, you are invited to share your thoughts here.