31 Days of Gratitude – Day 10

DAY 9: I am grateful for time.

I have a tendency to think “there isn’t enough time” but there is always enough; it’s my perception of time that makes me feel that way. In fact, there is enough. I do this mind exercise with myself to prove it. It goes like this:

I say these two statements to myself and note my feelings:

“You have only a minute to get this done!” leads me straight to freak out and panic. The word “only” restricts me, makes me feel paralyzed and not present, and that is when it’s not that there isn’t enough time, but that I am too spazzed out to use it wisely so I feel that there isn’t.

“You have a whole minute to get this done” makes me feel calm and complete and whole. It stretches time in my mind, making it a wandering, lulling concept and I feel at ease and present. It is actually possible to get a lot done in a minute, if that surprises you!

This also reminds me of these Minute Math Tests I had to take in 3rd grade. When the teacher would set the container for the test with “hurry up! you only have a minute!” I literally froze and and didn’t even get a chance to get to the last half of the answers. But when I told myself, “ok, you can do this; you have a whole minute, just breathe” I remember that day – I completed all the answers and got them all right!

What have you been able to do in a minute?