31 Days of Gratitude – Day 12

DAY 12: I am grateful for divine timing.

I was sorting through my computer files yesterday when I came across this buried document I had written awhile ago. It was titled “My Vision.” In concise, descriptive words, I had detailed out what I wanted my life to look like and what I wanted my business to grow into. Why this was so poignant was that lately I have been thinking that I am cloudy on my vision and struggling to make it clear. But here it was, all laid out, crisp and neat – and still resonant.

There is something to be said for divine timing. We are meant to have things revealed to us at just the right moment – not sooner, not later. Sometimes, I know I try to force it. I want to know now! But I see that struggling in that moment is where I am meant to be, too. It, too, is part of the process.

Divine timing accounts for everything, not just the end results. Divine timing orchestrates our struggles, our visioning, the mystery, the unfolding, the tangible rewards of patience. It’s a beautiful symphony that has some jangled parts where you are like, “This is music? Really?” And some parts that make your heart cry uncontrollably from the beauty of it all. Mostly, it’s the feeling of understanding left after, the flushed feeling of, “Wow, wasn’t that quite the ride?”

This is life, isn’t it? When I tune in to my gratitude for divine timing, I am accepting, at a higher level, that I am always where I am meant to be. And, suddenly, I am happy. I am smiling now, just thinking about it.