31 Days of Gratitude – Day 16

Day 16: I am grateful for stories.

Stories – books, movies, oral traditions passed down between generations, and even current gossip – are both containers of discovery and playgrounds for us to explore our world. We are shifted in some way each time a story soaks into us.

One of the most powerful things about a story is that is is shared. Stories are a way that we, collectively, learn as a community, a society, a world. They connect us by the threads of who we are and how we interact; by reinforcing what we find valuable, and at the same time, reinforcing what we find distasteful or unwanted.

I was up late last night getting lost in a book about a woman who gets a “have you seen this missing child?” card in the mail, and the photo looks just like her adopted son. The story unfolds, exploring the question: what would you do? Huge questions like this – moral dilemmas – make amazing stories, because, even if the details are not exactly specific to our lives, we can all relate to the essence of the question, which is “what kind of a person are you?” and, “what kind of person do you want to be?” Stories allow us to create and reflect ourselves. I am grateful for this imaginative form of growth, for the opportunity to escape into another world, shift, and come back changed into my own.

What story has kept you thinking about who you are? Please activate the power of sharing stories in this moment 🙂 What story do you have that can teach us something?