31 Days of Gratitude – Day 18 – Intuition

Day 18: I am grateful for my intuition.

My intuition is the voice from core of who I am. It is my spiritual GPS. The core of who I am is the part of me that is connected to God, so when I listen to my intuition, I am acting from the deepest part of myself, who I was meant to be, and I have the Ultimate Support. Without fail, when I follow my intuition, things work out miraculously, and those mini-moments in between are smoother, more enjoyable, more satisfying. Ignore my intuition and I am asking for trouble. Perhaps then I am acting out of fear? Or ignoring who I am? I am not sure. All I know is that it doesn’t work out for me – or for those around me.

I check in with my intuition throughout the day. It’s like a prayer for me. Is this right, God? Is this right, True Self? How do I know? It has taken time for me to hone listening to my intuition, but it requires insta-stillness – a moment of suspension where listening to myself becomes more important than the myriad distractions around, clamoring for my attention. Then, I check in with my body and soul interaction and the sensation created there: If it is a lie, the wrong thing, it feels heavy. If it is truth, the right thing, it feels light.

My latest lesson is to put pride aside. If I start following the heavy path unknowingly (or knowingly) but begin to recognize it as I wade deeper and deeper in, I can choose to stop, breathe, go back to the fork in the road and take the lighter path. I am grateful for my intuition. How cool is it that we are born with our own inner guidance systems?