31 Days of Gratitude – Day 19: Yoga

Day 19: I am grateful for yoga.

Yoga helps center me. It gives me a new perspective. It gets me out of my head and into my body. I always feel better after yoga class.

There is so much permission in yoga, if you allow it. I am learning to integrate what i happening within myself and what is happening at the moment on a higher level, to breathe deeper into a pose and explore, to stop and rest when I need to, even if no one else does. It’s about learning what is needed in the moment…and then practicing it right there, in that moment. Then, taking that body and mind memory of that experience and bringing it into the rest of my life.

My yoga teacher Nicole Mohr says that yoga is not the poses; it is the residue left after the poses are done.

Happily, I am off to yoga class right now! xoxo