31 Days of Gratitude – Day 20: Thinking Time

Day 20: I am grateful for “thinking time.”

So much focus is placed on the external result in our lives – that is what gets notice, gets the praise. But there is so much internal work – thinking, puzzling, rearranging – that happens before the tangible result can exist. That is worth celebrating, too! It’s like an iceberg – we see the tip of it and think “iceberg!” but probably don’t as consciously think about the foundation of what we can see that lies underneath the waters. What the part we can see is built upon.

I took several hours of “thinking time” for myself today and I feel exhilarated! Giving myself the permission to do so was liberating in and of itself. I am the kind of person who needs to incubate my ideas and set aside quality time to allow this to happen before jumping full throttle into something. And when I allow myself this time, my end result is far more fantastic, and I feel better about it. I get all jazzed up!

Being grateful for how my brain works allows me to work with myself, not against it, and for that I am grateful.