31 Days of Gratitude – Day 21: Creativity

Day 21: I am grateful for creativity.

Today, my husband and I put together our Halloween costumes for the party we are going to next weekend. It was such a fun, collaborative and creative project! We bought one accessory each and used things we already had for the rest. I can’t tell you yet what we are going as – it’s a surprise! (Feel free to ask me in a week, though and I will spill 🙂 ).

I loved the process. We tried different combinations – some of which really didn’t work, but definitely made us laugh (!) – until we came up with the “click.” That moment when it all fits together and you just know.

Creativity is something I need to feel alive, just like breathing. I feel stunted when I am not creating. I see life as a constantly evolving and changing process and the more I interact with it, the more it interacts with me and we create together, life and I. I was reminded of the joy of collaborative creation today and I am so thankful for it. I am happier because of it – and we have a fantastic and fun result, too!