31 Days of Gratitude – Day 22: Rain

Day 22: I am grateful for rain.

Outside, little wet drumbeats tap and pound on the pavement and the skylights, getting stronger, getting softer. Even in the rain I see the ebb and flow of life, hear music, experience possibility.

A rainy day out of nowhere is a gift. It is a sudden change in the weather, temperature, and expectation of the day. I slow down. Naturally. There is somehow less pressure to go-go-go, like God and Mother Nature full-force parent me by saying, “hush, little one, slow down, take care of yourself.” Though I have a tendency to go inward, to be introspective, anyway, the rain provides a safe blanket to do so. The world seems to slow down, us all together, experiencing this change.

Fingers curled around a hot cup of coffee, an escape into a novel, an intimate conversation between friends, or even strangers; these things are heightened on days of rain. My senses awaken in a new way and I feel the world differently. It feels good today.

Side Note: Typically, I am not a major fan of rain, especially when it goes on for an extended period of time. But this gratitude exercise is having me see old things in new ways…and choosing to be grateful for what is, as it is. I honestly am today. The rain sincerely feels more comforting now that I have written this out.