31 Days of Gratitude – Day 23: Drive

Day 23: I am grateful for my drive.

I have been very pumped up about a new coaching program I am creating! It gets me all excited (I will share when it’s ready; it’s just a baby idea now). Plus, I have a personal goal to get into better shape as well. Out of nowhere, both of these things came to me this past week and I have been clinging to them with all my drive. I feel alive!

I am actually going to the gym again this morning – on a rainy, cold (ok, I am a weather-wimp) day when bed is beckoning, or at least the warm interior of a room where I can where pajamas for the morning. But no! I am going to the gym because the only way to change results is to change the way I think and do things. I know this. My drive helps me make it happen.

I have also labeled “gym time” as “thinking time” and THAT gets me out of bed more than anything. It is what activates my drive. It is what activated all the fun and excitement for me in creating my new coaching program: I consciously allowed myself more “thinking time” this week than I think I ever have before and that brought my drive back in full force and I am loving it! It is not a hard, nose-to-the-grindstone drive, but an I-am-so-pumped-about-this-how-can-I-NOT-do-this? drive! I am grateful it is back, loud and singing 🙂

What motivates you? What is something you are working on and what gets you pumped about it?