31 Days of Gratitude – Day 24: my cat Ginger

Ginger in “her” box

Day 24: I am grateful for my cat, Ginger

Cats have an intuitive sense and way of interacting with the world that is wise and playful and delightful! Here are some of the things I have learned from my cat, Ginger, for which I am grateful:

  • She knows when I need a hug and comes to curl up next to me, making sure I am ok. She teaches me compassion.
  • She greets me everyday by meowing and sniffing me. If she is hungry, she politely waits by her food bowl, like a lady with fine manners. She reminds me that grace is essential even when you are waiting to have your needs met.
  • She makes me laugh as I watch her spastically chase after her catnip toys, flipping her body into the air and doing somersaults, and sometimes just running across the room out of nowhere, for no reason at all. We play hide and seek, peeking out from behind furniture at each other. She usually wins, pouncing on me unexpectedly as I scream out of shock and delight, my heart thumping. When I win, she jumps a foot in the air and dashes away…only to peek around the couch, ready to get me back! She encourages in me a sense of fun and delight.
  • She is a talented jumper, making her way to the highest places in the house – the bookshelf, the fridge, the top of the bathroom door, where she balances on top of the thin ledge until she feels like coming down. Always exploring, always pushing the limit, reminding me to go out there and take risks. That’s my baby 🙂
  • And, wonderously, she sleeps with me at night, her warm little body curled against mine (and lately, sometimes on top of me which, truth be told, isn’t the most comfortable thing, but hey, she gets away with a lot). For many years, I waited for her to sleep next to me, but she only started doing that this year. She has taught me patience.
  • But most of all, she teaches me the art of presence: when I am petting her, her eyes closed, her paws crossed, her head melting down in happiness, my heart bursting with love and joy…there is nothing else in the world at that moment but me and her.