31 Days of Gratitude – Day 25: Ideas

Day 31: I am grateful for ideas.

Ideas are what make life interesting for me. It is astounding what we humans can come up with, including myself (thinking up new ideas gets me really excited!). Every time I see a huge building, I think, “someone thought of how to make that..woa.” Or, when a new technology comes out that hasn’t been invented before, but then suddenly seems so obvious, I find myself wondering, “how did no one think of that before?”

But maybe they did. The ideas that have come into tangible form are the ones we can recognize, celebrate, and appreciate. They have been shared. Imagine all the bazillion more that exist in our minds. Can you even imagine how many ideas have not (yet) been shared? Woa.

The sharing of ideas is so important because it helps us each realize our individual potential and utilize our God-given gifts. And sometimes, in sharing our ideas, we help draw out ideas from others. Now, we’re really talkin’. This helps motivate me to not only continue creating in my mind, but to also share my ideas with the world.