31 Days of Gratitude – Day 26: Connections

Day 31: I am grateful for the connections I see and how it cements my learning.

I see connections everywhere. I can’t help it. That is how my brain works; that is how I make sense of the world and how things fit together. I believe that things happen for a reason, that there is a lesson in everything, and though it may not be revealed immediately, it will be revealed exactly how and when it it meant to.

I have just glanced over my posts of the past 26 days and when I connect the words of the things I am grateful for, it paints a pretty clear picture of who I am, what I love, and what I stand for. That’s neat. Looking back on it fills me with even more gratitude as they all pile up, and I find I am even more confident in who I am. This connection has brought me another level of clarity.