31 Days of Gratitude – Day 27: Nature

Day 27: I am grateful for nature.

My husband, Shawn, and I spent a few warm and contented hours in the park today. I love going to the park and I wish we did this more often. Just to sit there, the grass and the energy of the earth flowing into me, the trees, strong and stable, reaching towards the sky, the warm air curling around us. So rejuvenating and relaxing. Ahh.

In this hustle-bustle world we live in, it’s hard to remember to appreciate the nature that surrounds us, and to fully experience it. At least, it is for me sometimes. I do know that when I am driving on the concrete freeway, I appreciate the trees lining it, even if they look miserable. Actually, then I feel bad for them. But their presence brightens my day, nonetheless. There is something about nature that is in our roots that we just cannot get away from, as hard as we may try.

Today, I am reminded of my animal roots, my connection to and yearning for nature, and I am grateful that nature is here to support us. It makes me want to support her even more. How best to do this? Hmm.