31 Days of Gratitude – Day 28: Halloween

Day 28: I am grateful for Halloween.

At the “Willy Wonka” themed Halloween party my husband I went to with our friends this weekend, we went as… (here is where I reveal what our costumes were…ready?!): the candy “Nerds”!

It was fun to be out-of-the-box and free to get into character. I was dancing around all goofy and talking like a nerd, totally getting into the “nerdy” side of myself. People loved it! I love Halloween mainly for this reason (and also because it is my birthday, duh). Halloween gives us permission to dig into different sides of ourselves and experiment. We can tap into any “character” and have it be ok. Both my hubby and I have a “nerd” streak and that is one of the things we love about each other. It was so fun to let it out full-steam.

Makes me wonder what it would be like to have this freedom of expression year-round. To accept others doing the same. Pretty cool. That is the goal, isn’t it? It’s mine.