31 Days of Gratitude – Day 30:

Day 30: I am grateful for help.

“If you want something done, ask for help,” I say now (contrast to my prior quoting of Sebastian the Crab from The Little Mermaid who, under his breath, proclaimed: “If you want something done, you’ve go to do it yourself.” Remember the song “Kiss the Girl?” In that scene.)

This is a big shift in my perspective. It started most consciously in my Leadership Program a few years ago with an exercise in the woods that showed me clearly that I was trying to go it alone – and getting no where. Which can be extra scary in the woods.

I still have threads of that habit lingering in my system, but I do know now that asking for help is good on so many levels. Here are a few:

Why Asking for Help Is Good:

  • You activate another person’s strengths and make them feel included and valued (c’mon, you know you love feeling needed and appreciated! Surprise: so do others!)
  • You free up your own energy to focus on what you are good at, which is more exiting anyway
  • Therefore, you get more done, without the judgmental mess in your head slowing you down. Voila! Help is Good.

Flash forward to now, and my latest “asking for help” is to team up with Kirsten Weiss, uber-awesome marketing consultant (and mystery novel author – had to put a plug in here for her! She is multi-talented!), who seriously knows a lot about social media and how to increase visibility and profit. Her strengths are great!

Combine those with my strengths: I know how to reach into a person, see them for who they are, and draw out their confidence. To see what perspectives or strategies they might be missing and how to connect it to what they already know. And to make the process safe and fun! Like a playground! My strengths are great! (Kirsten is on board with me on the fun part, too. Business stuff can be boring. But it doesn’t have to be.)

Back to the point: Our strengths complement each other. We are a fantastic team! It’s fun to work together. This program is going to be so much more powerful than if I did it alone. I am grateful for help. Stay tuned to hear more on how this unfolds. We will be asking YOU for help soon 🙂