31 Days of Gratitude – Day 6

DAY SIX: I am grateful for sleep.

I got to sleep in today and I feel alive and rejuvenated. My brain is clearer.

In our go-go-go world, it is so important to balance ourselves with times of rest: down-time, taking care of our bodies, our spirit, nourishing our mind, and actually sleeping. Usually, when we have a deadline, sleep is the first thing to go.

That makes me sad when I hear others didn’t get enough sleep and it seemed like it wasn’t a choice to them (“I had to get this done and I had no other choice”), and it makes me sad when I do that myself. Because it is a choice – I put the other thing over taking care of me. And I don’t want to admit that to myself, so I pile on the denial. The worst part is that it’s acceptable. And sometimes, I get sympathy, too.

But I know myself. I am more centered when I have slept well. I am more confident, social, creative, and alive.

I can get into “Do It All – Now!” mode pretty easily and get overwhelmed. So, over the years, I have learned my own rhythms and made Self-Care a greater priority. Sleep is a natural and built-in way to rejuvenate. Why try to negotiate against it? But I do, sometimes. I feel the pressure to get up and get going, to be productive, to feel like I am contributing. But when my tank runs empty, what can I contribute?

It’s as that well-known saying goes: “Put your oxygen mask on first, before you put it on anyone else.” I am so grateful for sleep.