31 Days of Gratitude – DAY ONE

Ok, so October is my Birthday Month and I am going to an experiment 🙂 I can get a little gloomy around this time of year, thinking about mortality which worsens when my little Judger/Saboteur comes into my head telling me I haven’t done enough with my life….ahhh!

So…I thought I would do something different this year! For my 31st birthday (on October 31st), I am committing to “31 Days of Gratitude” and I am asking each of you to help hold me accountable to it – and join in if you feel inspired!

I started posting on Facebook and then decided to also post on my blog here, so this post is one day delayed. I will post daily one thing I am grateful for each day. Here is the first one:

DAY ONE: I am grateful for the ability to choose.

Here is a cool resource on helping shift what you choose: http://www.soundstrue.com/shop/The-Freedom-to-Choose-Something-Different/4071.pd

Much love,