31 Days of Gratitude – DAY THREE

It’s funny how I am starting to be grateful for a lot of things already! I was thinking today, what am I grateful for? And several answers popped into my head. This is great! It’s working! But…I have this fear that I won’t have enough to be grateful for and I can only choose one thing per day so I will have enough for the month – lame! I am calling myself out on that fear and choosing to be grateful for the two things that are resonating for me today, trusting that there is always something to be grateful for.

DAY THREE: I am grateful for water and for friendship.

I LOVE taking showers and baths. They soothe me. I get my greatest ideas in the bathtub and there is something so calming about running water. It’s also been super hot lately and water has been my saving force against dehydration and heat headaches. Sitting on the beach listening to the ocean is a haven for me.

My friends are so cool. I mean, really. They stick by me through thick and thin, they are supportive and loving and we have known each other for years. I have new friends, I have friends I have known for 5, 10, 15, and even 26 years!!! Friends are the family we choose.