31 Days of Gratitude – DAY TWO

DAY TWO: I am grateful for God.

I know not everyone believes in God, and for those who do, the Higher Being they believe in takes different shapes. But for me, it is nice to rely on something greater than myself and know that things are going to be ok. That they are already ok 🙂 Some days, it feels like I am tapping into a greater version of myself when I spend a quiet moment connecting to God. Where once I may have felt empty, I suddenly feel filled with peace.

I have made it a regular practice to do this each morning as soon as I get up (which took time, as habits takes time to build). I think maybe it’s time to add a checkpoint during the day now…! Keep the momentum going, you know. Having a structure helps us humans stay on track.

I have a friend who sets her phone alarm each day to a certain time, and when it made that magical “ding” noise one day, I asked her “what is that for?” And she said, “that’s my daily reminder to take a moment and pray.”