31 Days of Gratitude – Days 13 & 14

Days 13 & 14: I am grateful for weddings and for love.

My friend is getting married tomorrow (yay!) I will be dedicated to helping her out all day tomorrow as a bridesmaid, so I am posting two days in one here 🙂

For love:

Love makes us dig deep into who we are and who we are willing to be – and how we are willing to be with each other. Finding the right life partner sometimes takes dedication and time, and always an opening of the heart and growth of being. I know it did for me. We evolve and change and we look for someone who will support and complement that growth, shifting and rearranging ourselves as we understand each other more and more. We are interdependent creatures, whether we like to admit that or not (I fluctuate: “I am an independent woman, dammit! I can do it myself!”….”Wait, come back, I need you…”). Confusing. Rewarding. Cyclical. Linear. Random and messy. Human. I am grateful for it all.

For weddings:

Weddings – and all the events that go with them – celebrate love in a way that powerful, intimate, and universally appreciated. They are familiar and comforting. It’s a social tradition and we “get” it.

Having just been a bride myself, I know there is a lot to juggle and it can be overwhelming. It’s hard to ask for that much help, to organize a huge event, to juggle the merging of families (and opinions) – in addition to your personal tide of emotions that ebb and flow as the realization keeps hitting you that you are making a lifetime commitment to someone. It’s so wonderful and scary; a maelstrom of emotions. But, as a guest, as a supporter of the love between two dear friends, it is just fun! It feels lovely and delicious to stand by their sides, helping, reaching out, supporting. All from love. All for love.

I am grateful for love and for the opportunities to celebrate it. I am honored to be a part of this wedding and witness the evolution of my friends’ love.