7 Ways to Play – and Get Your Inner Kid Happy Again :)

Sometimes, we forget to Play. But, when we allow that little kid inside of us to giggle and wonder at the deliciousness of life, we find our joy. It is essential that open ourselves to play, fun, and laughter. It is good for our well-being.

When we are well, we interact with others on a higher level and it is good for them, too.

Here are 7 ideas for Playtime. Feel free to come up with your own!

  1. Buy some Play Dough and squish it into shapes. The act of squishing is therapeutic for your hands and calming for your nervous system, and you may even make something pretty!
  2. Take yourself for a walk – and skip periodically. You are guaranteed to make someone smile. It might be you.
  3. Put on your favorite song and dance with wild abandon. Don’t worry, no one has to see unless you want them to.
  4. Set a Create Date with yourself to give yourself permission to get inspired, incubate your ideas, and make something.
  5. Sing to the song on the radio when you’re in your car and play with attempted harmonization. I try this and sometimes it works. Sometimes, it is a disaster, but it’s still fun.
  6. Sign up for a class you have been wanting to take. You get to try something new, and maybe even meet a new friend.
  7. Play the Game of Life, or another childhood favorite. Playing is part of the real game of life. Give yourself permission to play and you will unlock your happiness.