A Healthy Soul: Symptoms of being in full alignment with your divine self

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Think about the relationships that you have. You can tell whether they are supportive, uplifting, make you feel like you can be your best self – or if they are toxic, heavy, drag you down and make you feel like crap about yourself.

What is you relationship with your soul?

Does your soul feel supported, uplifted and like she can be her best self?

Or does she feel criticized, stuck, weighted down, and mired in self-doubt?

Your relationship with your soul and your self if just like any other relationship – it needs attention and nurturing and love to thrive. It needs mutual respect, trust, and communication. It needs to know that it matters. Or it will fade away and die. Just like relationships that haven’t been kept up.

Like that friend you had way back when. You used to be so close. Then you stopped keeping in touch. Now it’s just…not quite the same.

If you don’t keep up your relationship with yourself and your soul in a conscious, intentional way, you will wake up one day and suddenly realize:

I don’t know who I am anymore.

Has this already happened?

If you are disconnected from your soul and currently have an unhealthy relationship with yourself, you may be experiencing the following.

Symptoms of an Unhealthy Soul:

  • Berating yourself when you make a mistake
  • Putting “getting it done” before “enjoying life” – then never getting around to the enjoying part
  • Holding on tightly to things, people, and grudges in an attempt to control your reality – and punish yourself
  • Remember dreams of long ago that you gave up on – and wishing you hadn’t – but doing nothing to make them happen
  • Ignoring your intuition, doubting yourself, and when asked if you practice Radical Self-Care, you have a glazed look in your eyes and go, what’s that?
  • Your life feels like drudgery most of the time and you wonder what happened
In contrast, when you have a healthy relationship with your soul, your experience of life is much different.

Symptoms of a Healthy Soul:

  • Loving yourself and releasing judgment as you learn new ways of being
  • Allowing play and fun in your life daily
  • Living in the Flow, letting go and trusting yourself
  • Reconnecting with the possibilities alive within you on a daily basis – and taking aligned action towards them
  • Listening to and nurturing yourself on all levels of your being everyday through Radical Self Care
  • Your life is an extension of your being – you are surrounded by people and things you love, you spend your time on what nourishes and uplifts you most, and you get paid to do what you love most
Assess where you currently are now in your relationship with your soul. Is it more unhealthy or healthy?

If it’s currently unhealthy, the good news is that you can absolutely transform it to full health. It starts first by acknowledging honestly where the relationship is at – and then defining where you want it to be.

Then taking action towards a healthy relationships in steps.

Just as in relationships with others, sometimes, we need to have those tough conversations with each other, to grow closer, to heal.

We must be willing to confront what makes us uncomfortable in order to move into the space of freedom and being that we desire. Everything you truly want lies on the outside of your comfort zone.

Are you willing to have those tough conversations with yourself?

If so, when are you going to do it?

Until next time…

With love and light,
Nicole Justine Cavanaugh