Are You Moving At The Right Speed?

What is your speed?

Some of us move faster, some of us, slower. We all have our own energy speed.

Are you moving at the speed that is right for you?

Sometimes, we need to adjust the pace at which we move through life, either for circumstance, or for our own well-being. At times, though, we can get locked into a pace this isn’t our rhythm and not know how to shift out of it.

Do you need to go faster or slower now?

The shift may be uncomfortable, or smooth, depending on how you shift. It is like when you are driving on the freeway at top speed and then the car in front of you slows down suddenly and you need to brake to match their speed. The moment is a sudden rush of fear and the unknown, and then, it is smooth sailing as you adjust to the slower pace. Or, when you are crawling along and the traffic opens up and you can accelerate and fly free!

I find that after such a shift, I am more at peace. I settle into the new pace.

Others react differently, engaging their road rage, wanting to go faster when they can’t, or crawl along the freeway even when there is space to go faster.

We all have our own pace. Our paces vary, depending on what is needed, and who we are as individuals.

If you move fast, do you rush through your day, barely noticing it and feeling anxious? Or do you move forward at a face pace, enjoying the thrill of accomplishment and soaking in each moment, building momentum? If you move slowly, do you lazy around, bored and not knowing what to do, or does your pace give you space to relish calm serenity?

In the end, the speed that is right for you is the speed at which you can be fully present and enjoy your life.

Do you agree? As always, you are invited to share your thoughts here.