Clearing Clutter — From Ugh to Ahh!

I am surrounded by clutter. But it’s ok. I am in the process of transforming my live-work space now and am in transition, so I know this is just temporary. (I’ve done this many times before). I can’t wait for it all to be done!

I had felt the weight of a lack of flow around my space, like something wasn’t quite right and I was fighting some sort of negative energy. Putting my energy into fighting off stuff rather than creating things.

A believer in Feng Shui, I whipped out my handy-dandy booklet on the basics and had an Aha! Moment when I realized that my desk and bed were in the wrong places! So, I decided to swap them. The decision felt right.

With the physical help and emotional support of my awesome boyfriend, we began to transform my live-work space. But swapping two areas led to shifting another thing here, and then another thing there, and pretty soon, basically every piece of furniture has now been moved except one. That is what happens when you get energy rolling.

And now I am sitting in the transition.

It kind of feels like my life at the moment, too.

They say that your external physical space reflects your internal space. So, I must be quite the mess inside. You know, I have been feeling jumbled lately. Interesting. But the same goes the other way around, where you create an external space that then affects your internal space. Which was the brilliant idea in the first place. Gotta love how everything rolls into everything else and dances all together. Cool. Life. Ahh.

And now – I should have seen this coming – it’s not just about putting things back on the shelves, but about sorting through and getting rid of things. In a way, I am like, oh man, what have I done? This is bigger than it was supposed to be. At the same time, I am excited by the prospect of letting go of some more things, letting go of some emotions I have been holding on to. There are so many things here I just don’t need. So why am I holding on to them?

Sometimes, I keep things out of guilt. Or obligation (presents people gave me that I wasn’t totally stoked about, but felt I “should” keep them to “be nice.” Or maybe I was stoked then, but now my tastes have changed). Or things that I will use…“someday”. And someday never comes. So, I am just surrounded by things that reinforce that I am not resourceful enough to figure it out in the moment. That I need to keep things on hand, for an “emergency.” I wonder if I am then energetically trying to creating emergencies, so I can use my stuff? Hmmm. Will have to think more about that. Also, I sometimes keep unfinished projects, because I will finish them…“someday.” This someday thing is getting annoying. If it’s not happening now, either do it or dump it.

Now, after years of raising my awareness about these sorts of things, I at least know I am doing this, that I have these unsupportive patterns. So now I can change them.

Now, I pick up each thing and ask myself, “Do I love this? Do I use it?” And I need to answer “yes” to both questions to keep it.

At least, that is the goal.

Wish me luck.