Creating a “To Be” List

Here is a wild thought: Instead of making a To Do list today, try making a To Be list.


A “To Do List” helps keep me focused on the kind of external action I find valuable, to focus me on the accomplishments I want to achieve, and the action steps needed to get there.

A “To Be List” help keep me focused on the kind of internal action I find valuable, to focus more on the kind of person I want to be, and to keep that focus conscious.

It is easier to focus on “doing” simply because we are used to it – to measure who we are against what we have accomplished. Accomplishments are great things, don’t get me wrong – they forward society, they fuel our creative spirit, and they give us goals and motivation.

But we are not measured just by what we accomplish; we are measured by how we are being while accomplishing those thing: How do you treat other people? How do you treat yourself?

How are you experiencing your life?

I used to think that spiritual shifts happen organically. But they take focus and effort, too. They take willingness and consciousness. How you choose to be as a person is a choice, and sometimes structure is needed to help support you in achieving that.

Creating a To Be List is one way to do this.

Think about the kind of person you want to be today. Take it one day at a time. Tomorrow, you may have the same list, or you may have a different one. It’s all okay.

The point here is to be conscious about how you are choosing to be because your To Be List will inform your To Do List.

For example, my To Be List right now includes “be gentle, be balanced, be kind to myself, be vulnerable and real.”

As I am writing this (“write and post blog” is on my To Do List for today, fyi), I am finding that the little voices in my head are starting to pressure me, saying “you are taking too long” and “hurry up”. But, because I am choosing to “be kind to myself” I am immediately relaxing and letting that go as those voices arise.

Also, because I am choosing to “be vulnerable and real” I am sharing with you what is honestly going on for me at this moment.

How did that impact you?

For me, I feel better immediately. I am calmer and filled with hope that you will find some part of this blog valuable.

If you make a To Be List, what will be on it? How might your To Be list impact your To Do List? What shift may occur?