Does Inspiration Hit At Inopportune Times? Here is a Solution.

Sometimes, I get a flood of inspiration that just pours through me! It’s great! It’s stimulating!…and it’s right in the middle of whatever else I am working on at the moment and gets me sidetracked. Yikes.

Does this happen to you?

A way to honor and capture your ideas without allowing yourself to get sidetracked by them is to carry around a designated “idea book.” Keep it with you wherever you go. I carry mine with me when I am out and about and I put it by my bedside at night with a pen handy because inspiration tries to interrupt my sleep sometimes, too (little trickster!)

If you prefer to hand-write out your thoughts and sketch ideas, you may choose to carry a little notebook. If you prefer to type or use voice-activated software, you can create a running list on your computer, ipad or tablet, and phone and sync them. If you are more of an auditory learner, you may want to just carry around a recorder and speak into it, then play it back to yourself later.

Whatever way to choose, you are giving voice to your ideas and a place to hold them…for when the time is right.