Fear is our greatest obstacle and our greatest teacher. We grow so much when we push through that invisible and painful barrier. Much more than we ever could if we just stayed on the safe side.

That said, we often do stay on the safe side because the crossing over can be so painful. Our emotions can trap us and paralyze us so that we only see limits where there are unending possibilities. When we push through fear, our world changes. We see things that have always been there but we have never had access to before.

So, it is worth it to bust through fears and to keep pushing yourself. This is the only way you can fully live your life.

It is the anticipation of pushing through our fears that scares us more than actually facing them. So, if you really think about it, staying on the safe side, in our comfort zone, is where the fear is the heaviest. We are tricked by ourselves to think it is the lightest, but it isn’t. We are caged.

The freedom that comes with pushing through the Fear Barrier is pure and light and full of strength and possibility.

What is holding you back right now? What would your life be like if that fear was gone? Who would you be?

The irony of fears is that they are self-fulfilling prophecies. The Fear of Failure is what makes you fail – you don’t try things, and if you aren’t trying anything, you have already, in a sense, failed at what you aren’t trying.

The Fear of Loss makes us hold on so tightly to things or people that we can’t even enjoy them for what or who they are, and we lose the special quality of enjoying what we love the most. We aren’t present because we are so focused on potential loss that we lose what we have, while we still have it.

Most fears are all tied together. It’s never just one thing. The Fear of Public Speaking stems from the fear of being judged by others, which is a form of the fear of failure – failing at being loved, at being right, at being perfect, at being in community.

In Susan Jeffers’ book, Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway, she says that basically all fears boil down to one: The fear that I can’t handle it. I thought that that was very profound. This is the root fear of all fears. When you can get yourself to a place where you realize you can handle what life throws at you (and you can – you have been doing it your whole life already), then the fear holds less impact. It’s about re-setting your mind.

Different people approach busting through fears different ways. You can do one thing that scares you per day, to keep building that muscle. You can lean on your friends, your family, your community, and God. You can meditate, or listen to an inspiring song or journal to center yourself before facing your fear. There are lots of ways to prepare for facing your fears so that the moment is more manageable.

The main things is action. You can prepare your mind as much as you want, and it’s true that fear is a mind game anyway, but it is the action, the getting it into your body, the putting it out into physical reality, that really creates the internal lasting change. And internal changes create external changes.

You will grow. You will grow into the space that your fear was occupying.

And suddenly, you will find much more freedom and space to move.