Have More Energy: 3 Steps to Plugging Your Energy Drains


Do you feel overwhelmed or drained sometimes? Like you just have this weight you are carrying around and want to be free of?

Maybe you are holding on to an old resentment towards a friend who has hurt you in the past and you walk around with the aching and anger in your heart. Or there is clutter around your house that you will get to “someday”…and someday just hasn’t come yet and seems it never will.

Even something little like the button that is missing from your favorite shirt that you haven’t sewn on yet weighs. This may seem silly, but think about it: every time you want to wear the shirt, you are reminded of the button which you haven’t sewn back on and you go through the process of mentally reminding yourself to do it (or beating yourself up for not having done it) and having to find another shirt to wear.

Can you relate?

Carrying around extra burdens dampens and smothers your natural energy. You want to grow, to reach your full potential. You feel the desire within you, right? But, every little and big thing that is weighing you down is preventing you from accessing the freedom and soaring to the growth and potential you are capable of reaching. And it’s frustrating.

You can change that.

The secret to having more energy in your life is to plug your energy drains.

What does this mean and how do you do it?

Plugging your energy drains means choosing to acknowledge your own value and take responsibility for your freedom, taking action to stop, complete, or eliminate what is draining you.

When you stay in the discomfort of tolerating all the crap that has built about around and within you, you will continue to justify that it is okay and that is “just the way life is.”

Life can be better. I know, because I have and am still doing this process myself. And it works.

And here is how you do it:

  1. Make a list of everything you are tolerating in your life. Everything that is weighing you down in a big way, and bugging you in small way. This list might be short or long. It’s not about judging the list. It’s just about taking inventory to become clear about where you are at now so you can make a choice about what to do next.
  2. Choose 1-2 to shift each day and methodically dance your way through them. If one is larger, break it down into smaller, manageable pieces, so that those pieces becomes your 1-2 daily actions.
  3. Celebrate each time you lift a weight off yourself and your life! Share your accomplishment with a friend to cement it out loud and build momentum. If sharing is hard for you, consider that the not sharing and hiding might be an energy drain for you. It takes a lot of energy to keep things hidden. If this is you, I invite you to put “not sharing my truth with others” on your energy drain list. (I say this because this is on my energy drain list, too, and sharing this with you is one way I am plugging my own energy drain and stopping that behavior).

Here is how I am plugging my other energy drains:

  1. List (partial) of what is weighing me down: divorce not yet finalized, 30 lbs I gained the past year and a half, disorganization of my electronic files
  2. Daily Actions: I spend several hours each day working on finalizing my divorce papers, I joined a weight loss program and am being mindful of what I eat each day and each meal, I have calendared specific days to tackle mini portions of my electronic files to create more ease finding things
  3. How I Celebrate: It’s hard for me to share my accomplishments because then I feel I am letting out the secret that I wasn’t perfect to begin with (doh! Saboteur alert!). So, I am sharing this with you because maybe you feel the same way. And I also either text a friend, or call someone or tell them in person, depending on the day. It’s made a huge difference.

Find a buddy, sit down together over an iced coffee or tea, and make your lists together. This process can be very fun and it is certainly rewarding.

Once you plug your energy drains, you start filling in those gaps with luscious, energy-giving activities and ways of being. We’ll talk about that next time.

Until then…

With love and light,

Nicole Justine Cavanaugh