Heart Space Awareness Meditation


The purpose of the Heart Space Meditation is to create an enduring union between heart and brain in order to allow creative and intuitive expression to flow with greater ease and clarity.

In the modern day the heart is an often neglected source of intelligence. With work and pleasure pursuits best suited for the brain alone, little is left for the heart to share its voice.

Only recently has science been considering the heart as more than just a pump. When a fetus is in the womb the first thing to grow is the heart. Everything grows from this point. The heart has its own equivalent to brain cells. It sends more signals to the brain than the brain does to the heart. It has an electro-magnetic field far larger than that of the brain. At this time mankind has just touched the surface with its understanding of the heart.

Joseph Chiltern Pearce states the heart is the source of intelligence while the brain is the source of intellect. Intelligence being an intuitive understanding that originates from the heart whereas intellect is an acquired logic based skill. Very much like saying a dog has intelligence. They are intuitive and heart-centric. Conversely, you would never say a dog has intellect.

Bringing out this heart centric intuitive intelligence and creative expression in order to help you realize your true potential is what this meditation aims to help you achieve.



This exercise utilizes two methods to get in touch with your heart space. The first is a physical approach which encourages placing a hand over your heart space and sensing into the rhythm of your heartbeat. The technique also serves as a method for focusing awareness and deeply relaxing your body. Your heart space covers an area in the center of your chest at the midpoint of your sternum. This area is your energetic heart which also encompasses your physical heart. Before you listen to the exercise get a feel for its location.

The second method involves moving your sense of mental awareness to your heart space. Humans have a good sense of their extremities even with eyes closed. Try this now – Close your eyes and think about the big toe on your left foot. Innately you get a very real sense of its position and size in spite of not being able to see it.

You may sense a fuzziness, a warmth, or perhaps a temperature change in and around the toe. Because our eyes guide much of our physical activity most people feel their mental awareness resides between their physical eyes. This makes sense as our brains is just beyond this point. This second approach will look at moving our mind/body awareness from its default location down to the heart space. From here we will consider methods to engage and rouse activity in the heart area.

To get best out the exercise listen through stereo headphones making sure you have your left and right sides in the correct ear.


Binaural Beats

There are two versions of each meditation. One contains binaural beats which facilitates a state of deep relaxation. It achieves this by synchronising the hemispheres of your brain by sending specific brainwave signals in a gentle and natural way that helps guide your brain into relaxation. For this to be beneficial it is advised that you listen through stereo headphones. Do not listen to binaural beat exercises while driving or operating machinery.