When you use the gifts you have been given, the world makes sense. You are a piece of the larger puzzle and you feel how you fit. It’s snug and comforting and you have a purpose.

Deep within us, we know what our gifts are, what our calling is. By “calling” I do not mean “the one thing you will do for the rest of your life” but who you are called to become. Who you are called to become may manifest in many ways in terms of what you can do with those gifts.

Instead of brainstorming, I do what I like to call “heartstorming.” Instead of following your brain for ideas, you follow the resonance in your heart. Here is how I Heartstorm:

  1. Gather a piece of paper and a pen, or several colored pens, to make it fun
  2. Create or go to a sacred space to connect with your Creator. Sometimes, I carve out a quiet place to be alone at home. I light a few candles and play soft music that emotionally moves me, to get into my “heart space.” Other times, I take my journal and I go sit in the peace and quiet of a chapel or church and connect with God there. You may also wish to go out into nature.
  3. Take some time to connect with your Creator, through prayer or meditation. Breathe slowly and let all distractions melt away. Placing your hand on your heart can help in guiding you inward, if you feel you are resisting.
  4. Ask yourself these questions, when you are calm, centered, and connected: “Who am I called to become?” and “What are my God-given gifts?” Access the innate talents you have and the activities you enjoy. What you are good at and what you enjoy often intersect. Look for those patterns. You may ask yourself any other questions along these lines, using the wording that moves you to access your heart.
  5. Write down the answers as they flow through your heart, on to your paper. You may wish to write them in a connected web, circling each answer and drawing lines between those that are similar, creating a visual patterns. You may wish to create a list. You may wish to write in paragraph form. You may wish to draw. Create some tangible form that emotionally resonates with you, that clearly guides you towards who you are meant to become. You can refer to this visual guide going forward.
  6. To begin living your heartstorm, create 2-3 action steps that would make the most difference in your life right now. For example, if part of your heartstorm included “beauty” and “joy,” you could carve out time to paint a picture for a loved one. When you set your action steps, make them small, manageable steps and set a timeframe by which you will accomplish your action. Connect with an accountability partner (a friend, coach, colleague, loved one) to keep you on track.

When we live from the core of who we are, our hearts are open and the world makes sense. Let your heart guide you in each moment of your day, for where the hearts leads, joy follows.