How are you expressing yourself?

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Why Creative Self-Expression is crucial to fulfilling your potential

We all need an outlet. For our emotions. For our being. For living the fullest expressions of ourselves.

How are you expressing yourself?

Or are you?

So many of us put creative self-expression on the back burner. We think it’s a luxury, to be dipped into after the bills are paid, after we lose that weight, after we take care of everyone else.

But what if we expressed ourselves first? What would your life look and feel like?

I’ll tell you, from my own experience, that shutting down my creativity was, in essence, shutting down the very core of who I was. It was like bottling myself up and shoving myself back in to the farthest corner. I didn’t feel alive, I shut myself off from experiencing joy, and I kept running the rat race in hopes of finding the magic secret.

When it was there all along.

Opening myself up to expressing my creativity and my self has opened me up to a whole new way of interacting with my life. I feel alive.

When I say “creatively express yourself” it doesn’t mean you have to be an artist. It means finding your voice and sharing it in a way that feels resonant for you. You are a creative being who yearns to be in the ebb and flow of life, the give and receive.

This ebb and flow is the creative cycle. It’s the sharing of ourselves and the receiving of others. when you open yourself up to sharing who you are and receiving who others are, you open yourself up to the magic of life.

It’s about fully expressing yourself and fully enjoying your life.

For you, it might be artistic. It might look like painting or singing or dancing or writing and sharing your artistic expression with others. Or, it might look like idea generation and lively, controversial conversation where you are in the ebb and flow with others, looking for a solution to a problem that resonates with your heart.

It might look like sharing your opinion on a topic you are passionate about. Or redecorating your house in a way that truly reflects who you are. Or cooking, or nurturing your plants in a way that brings forth their growth in a new way.

It’s about how you approach each moment: with curiosity, as an experiment, being willing to fail, being willing to succeed. To try new things, to expand yourself. To stretch yourself into the fullest expression of your being.
For me, I express myself through dance and writing, and sometimes painting or other visual arts. I also express myself through idea generation without making any ideas “bad”, and in the last few years, through cooking by just incorporating ingredients that are already in my kitchen into something and seeing what happens (this has allowed me to taste both delicious flavors and tastes I never want to try again, but now I know!). I share my opinions and set my boundaries. I come from a place of experimentation and willingness to expand. This was a muscle I needed to build.
It’s a muscle you, too, may need to build. So, build it slowly, but build it.

If you are reading this thinking, I am not creative, then you are shutting yourself off from the possibility of fully being you. You are creative. Perhaps you are defining the term narrowly. Or defining yourself narrowly.

Stop doing that. Start expressing yourself. Just go for it. Start in this moment.

If you are thinking, but I don’t have the time, it’s true that you cannot make more time. But you can take time for what matters: You. When you commit to expressing yourself, you will find a way. The “how” will show up.

Notice what other objections come up when you think about expressing yourself. And ask yourself, is this really true? Or am I just hiding?

Because if you are hiding, you are not living your full potential. Living your full potential means living the fullest expression of who you are.

How will you express yourself today, this week, this month? Head over the blog and share with us. Your share might be the spark that ignites another to express herself more fully. Begin by sharing yourself now.

Until next time…

With light and love,
Nicole Justine Cavanaugh