How do you appreciate the moment…and move forward towards your dreams?

How do you know what “enough” is?

We spend so much of our life striving for things that seem out of reach. Only to then get them and wonder why we aren’t satisfied. Off again we go, running towards the next dream.

Then, there’s all this talk of mindfulness, of appreciation, of being in the present. Of loving what is, and not succumbing to the “grass is greener” disease.

Well, which is it? Do we go after our dreams? Or do we love the moment?

We do and love both.

But, how do we do that!?! you may be asking. How do I balance and hold both the passion of moving forward into the next level and appreciating in loving where you are at now? (Shout out to my client who wanted me to write about this topic – you know who you are ;))

Being able to hold both is first and foremost a mindset shift. Then, secondarily, it is about expanding your capacity to hold both. To love what you have, who you are, where you are at in your life in this moment and enjoy it and fully appreciate it…while at the same time looking ahead into your vision, taking the necessary steps to get there. And loving that process, too.

And, what we often neglect in our journey is the celebration of arrival! We must exercise and build the muscle of celebration of achieving what we have set out to do. And celebrating each step along the way.

Why? Because life is mostly “the journey”. If you think it’s some sort of destination, you are setting yourself up for failure and misery. You are dynamic, ever-evolving being and each time you reach the next stage of your potential, the gates open up to show you the next level after that. It’s exciting!

So, yes to practicing being in the present and practicing mindfulness. Yes to creating visions, and action plans and taking steps that feel resonant to you. This seems easy, but many of us struggle with this because we fight and second-guess and diminsh ourselves – often unconsciously. If this is something you are struggling with – finding it hard to hold both, to be in a celebration mindset, to be kind with yourself – it is a good idea to get some support. Find a coach or practitioner of a modality your resonate with that can help you make those internal shifts, so you can get out of your own way.

We all have that inner voice inside of us. It’s just about how we manage it. How we make those mindset shifts that literally shift our world, even when it seems nothing on the outside has changed (though, it often does as a domino effect).

How you experience your life is all that matters. Shift your mindset, shift your life. This is what I help my clients with the most. It’s about consciously deciding what you want, then bringing your sub-conscious into alignment with your conscious, so you are no longer fighting yourself. I work with my clients on both the conscious and sub-conscious levels as I have found in both working with my client and in my own journey that the marriage of both is the most powerful.

So, if enjoying the journey while moving towards your vision is hard for you, I strongly encourage you to get the support that feels right to you. You deserve to fully experience and enjoy your life – and all that you are.

Until next time…

With love and light,
Nicole Justine Cavanaugh