How to Cultivate a Fulfilling Life: 3 Habits to Change Your Life Forever

Today is the new moon. A new moon is a time set new intentions for what you want to create in your life.

It’s a magical time and you can use the moon’s energy to support you in that which you intend to create.

What I already know about you is that you want a fulfilling life or you wouldn’t be reading this. You want to reach your full potential. You want to expand into your heart’s desires and to live the life you always knew you meant to have. Your soul keeps whispering to you the same dreams…for a reason.

But here is where we can fall short: habits.

You might want a fulfilling life but that comes from creating – and sustaining – habits that support your best self.

I’m not perfect and I am still on my own journey, but there are three habits that I have noticed have made all the difference in my own life.

And so I want to share them with you so that your journey may be more delicious – right now.

Here are the 3 Habits that will change your life forever:

1. Practicing Radical Self Care 

This is more than getting a massage and having your nails done (though I fully support both of those!).

This is about living your life in full alignment with your truth. It means saying “Yes” to only that which is in alignment with who you are and saying “No” to everything that isn’t. This requires the courage to be in the space of discomfort, because not everyone is going to agree with your choices.

Radical self-care is the place where you are so committed to your self-love that you will never betray yourself again.

2. Cultivating a Celebration Mindset

We are taught to think that celebration is a result of something we have done. That, we get to a result, and then we celebrate. But when we think of it this way, the energy of celebration can go out the window and your focus is drawn immediately to the next task at hand. Imagine living life this way – jumping from one To-Do to another. Not very fulfilling.

Cultivating a Celebration Mindset is about celebrating the process of life and growth. It’s about acknowledging and honoring every baby step along the way, not just the big stuff. Like a snowball, this mindset builds upon itself, and as the Celebration Energy grows, its attract and creates more to celebrate.

When you make Celebration a habit, the moments to celebrate will far outweigh any struggles that might come along because you will be looking through a different lens. This mindset sets you up for success.

3. Opening Your Heart

As a smart woman, you are used to relying on your intellect and smarts to get you where you need to go. But when you retreat into your head instead of opening your heart and feeling your feelings, you miss out on the experience of life. Which is what you are craving.

To fully open to all that life that to offer, you must open your heart. This is scary for some of us. So much feeling. When you create the habit of feeling, you enrich your ability to feel the sense of fulfillment you seek

So, to re-cap, to live a fulfilling life, you must cultivate the 3 habits of:
1. Being and taking action that is so in alignment with yourself that you never betray yourself again.
2. Celebrating the process of life and growth so you entire life become a celebration.
3. Opening your heart to feel the rich experiences of life.

When you live from a place of this deepest alignment, celebrating all you do and all you are, and opening your heart to allow all the joy in, your entire life will change.

Until next time…

With love and light,
Nicole Justine Cavanaugh