How to Process the Results of the Election…and What This Means for Our Country


Some of us may be shocked and angry and grieving. Some of us may feel vindicated and excited and heard. What is clear is that the nation is more divided than we thought it was as Hillary said in her concession speech.

And so and so who knows what these uncharted waters will look like for us going forward with the new presidency starting next year. But this is not a time to continue the division that has had light shed upon it, no matter what our personal beliefs. For while we may seek to our leaders to heal the divide in the coming months and years, what we have control over is how we heal within ourselves.

There is work here to be done to heal our country, yes. Let us begin right now, today, with the work that is to be done to heal ourselves. The continuing journey between love and fear that resides in all of us. We get to choose what we feed and what we put energy towards.

While somewhere inside of us, our spirits may acknowledge that this is a time of great change, that perhaps something needs to be torn down and re-examined before it can be healed and built anew, while we are still clogged with unprocessed emotions, we may not yet be able to access that perspective in an embodied way.

So, I urge you now to begin with processing your emotions around this election. For those of you who feel elated and excited, it will be easier to be with those feelings. So, I ask you to be kind and patient with those who do not currently share your joy. Know that they perhaps now feel scared and unheard and angry in a way that perhaps you have felt before.

So now I speak to those of us who have reacted to this election with shock, surprise, fear, and grief – and I have been processing these feelings myself. My last 24 hours have held many of these conversations with women who are feeling scared and uncertain about what the near future of our country holds. I have felt safer and more loved as a result of coming together to process this time. This feeling of safety and unity and love is what I choose to build and create.

Here are 7 soul-nourishing ways to explore to help you process and release the emotions you may be feeling now:

  • Sit and feeling your feelings. Just be with them. Feel them all the way through – cry, laugh, tremble, rage. Whatever comes up, feel it, let it move through you, and honor the place you are at.
  • Journal – Write out your feelings, process them by getting them outside of you. You may wish to burn what you write after as a cleansing ritual. Remember, the intention here to to process and heal. Not to remain stuck. While you do want to honor this energy, you don’t want to stay stuck in it. It may come back, but allow yourself to move through it each time so there is movement within you.
  • Process Paint – Get some paint and paper and channel your feelings into colors and shapes and whatever wants to be expressed on the page. There is no end result here. Process painting is an opportunity to release what is going on for you. It is the process that is healing. If you need support with this, my good friend and colleague Kimberly Bailey is a healer and teaches how to do this.
  • Hold an Emotional Processing Gathering – Invite and gather your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and come together to share and process and support one another. Know that you are not alone. While half that nation is elated, half the nation is grieving. All emotions are to be honored.
  • Call a friend – Reach out for support and share together 1:1. Do this daily. Several times a day. Whatever you need to feel whole and processed again. In however long it takes you.
  • Meditate – Raising your vibration and accessing your higher awareness and consciousness may help you see anew perspective and give you
  • Ask Your Guides and Angels and Source for support – We all have unseen helpers who are with us, whatever our beliefs systems may be. This is a time to call upon your spiritual guides and support to help show you the way to healing if the path is yet unclear. Ask their wisdom, then follow their advice. They will help you in baby steps or leaps – whatever your soul needs to heal at this time.

Give yourself permission to feel all your feelings. All feelings are acceptable – they are guideposts to what you hold dear, where you feel threatened, what needs examining, and so much more. Feelings aren’t “wrong”. They are energy. Energy that needs to be process and felt to be truly understood. Processing emotions is not about getting rid of them or abandoning them in some way. It is about moving through the energy to a greater place of freedom within yourself so you can be more clear and conscious about what actions you wish to take as a result of the information your feelings have given you.

Action from a place of being triggered tends to creates more mess – not creating the results you, in the end, desire. So, I encourage you to process your feelings – not to shut them down, but to truly listen to them and experience them fully.

If you have other ways to process your emotions that work for you and can benefit others, please share them below, where we can gather together to support each other.

It is my prayer that we will come together as a nation and country with more love and understanding. If you want this outcome as well, you need to be that energy.

And to be that energy, you need to process whatever you are feeling now first.

To your healing.

Until next time…

With love and light,
Nicole Justine Cavanaugh