How to Stick With Something

How do you stick with something? *Especially* when it pushes you into discomfort, either physical, mental, or spiritual?

Keep connected to your intention. “For what” are you beginning this habit? For what are you taking these steps? Not every step will be pleasant…and each step brings you closer to what it is you are moving towards.

When I get stuck in “I don’t want to” and “I am tired” and “I am not in the mood,” sometimes I give up. That is when I have disconnected from my greater vision, and my greater self. I let fear and uncertainty and discomfort take over.

Sometimes, however, I am able to remind myself what I am doing “this” (whatever “this” is) for. Then, staying connected to my intention, I proceed.

To see the forest, we must not get stuck looking at each tree. Keep your vision light and broad and rise out of the mucky moment. Remind yourself of the greater purpose, tether yourself to it, and let it pull you through.