If You Were Free From Fear, Who Would You Be? What Would You Do?

Enjoying the sun

Here is a place to share who you would be if you were free from fear and what you life would look and feel like! (a special place for my lovely newsletter-reading buddies and anyone else who purposefully/accidentally has stumbled upon this blog…you were meant to be here!)

Here is how I would be/what I would do if I were free from fear:

  • I would stop worrying that what I am “doing” isn’t enough. I would enjoy each moment and fully trust that I am where I am meant to be and viscerally feel that more often.
  • I would spend more time creating and not feel guilty about it.
  • I would feel free to express who I am fully, and have secure boundaries so that others’ judgments wouldn’t rip and rock me. My art is an extension of who I am and it is terrifying to feel judgment about it. I would realize and accept that we are not all meant to like what we each have to offer, but we *are* meant to connect with specific people in meaningful ways at the rights times and so it is important to keep putting myself out there for those moments.
  • I would share my opinion from my heart, even when I disagree with others or with the majority.
  • I would communicate my needs more, especially when they conflict with others’ needs, and trust that together, and with God, it will all work out for the best for everyone.
  • I would nap more and enjoy it 😉

I am already being/doing some of this now, but I know I can take it to the next level, to feel even freer and live more in joy. Where are you in your journey to make friends with fear and to love your life anyway? What is it like for you? Where do you see yourself later in your journey?

Please share! Every time we share a piece of ourselves, we help someone else who may need to hear or read exactly what we shared at that exact moment.

Post your comments below! (Due to spam and my current lack of knowledge around how to navigate that better, I will have to filter your comments so if they don’t pop up right away, please be patient! Thanks!)