Little Bits of God

You know how you have a conversation with someone and they use some phrasing or words that really catch you and you keeping thinking about it days after?

Well, I was talking with Rabbi Paul Shleffar recently and he mentioned how we are all “little bits of God” – humans, animals, trees, the world. And I have been thinking about it ever since.

We are all little bits of God. And when we think of ourselves that way, it’s like a giant puzzle, and we are all little pieces, all interconnected, a beautiful picture in the end.

It’s the “little bits” part that got me. Not independent beings, but parts of a greater whole.

I feel that way, sometimes. Like I am part of a greater something. And feeling small like that feels good. It feels like I can lean on a greater power, let go, surrender. Trust that the other little bits of God will intersect and connect with me at the right moments. That together, we will create a beautiful picture.

We are like, tiny little secrets. Little bits of God’s greater plan.

It’s also about remembering our divinity, our divine nature; that God meant for us to have wonderful lives. To help each other have those wonderful lives.

It’s sad when we forget. I forget sometimes, too. That disconnected feeling doesn’t feel good.

But every now and then you have a conversation that helps you remember. Helps you remember you are a little bit of God.

Rabbi Paul is a pretty wise guy. You can follow him on Facebook – Relationship Rabbi. I do. He is a little bit of God, too. Just like me. Just like you.