Love Yourself, Love Your Life – They go hand in hand…

Nicole Justine Cavanaugh_Black Sheep Coaching_Flowers

A picture of wildflowers I took. Just like these wildflowers, with the right nourishment, you will grow into the beautiful self you were meant to be. And your entire life will reflect that.

Do you love your life?

What about it do you love? What about it feel like something is…missing?

Do you ever feel lost or stuck? Like you want something more but have no idea how to get it?

So, let me ask you this: Do you love yourself?

I mean, truly love yourself.

On the one hand, we believe we need to have certain things in our life to make us happy – the right job, car, house, body, etc. And then we are told that material things don’t really make us happy. That we need to make ourselves happy first to get those things.

So, it’s all very confusing. Isn’t it?

Well, here is what I have discovered: When you love yourself, you love your life.


Because, when you love yourself, you get that intrinsic sense of self-worth. That feeling of unshakeable confidence and solidity within. A deep level of trust in yourself. And this generates natural happiness, because you are not waiting for outside circumstances to validate you.

Additionally, when you love yourself, you are also able and willing to naturally go after the elements in your life you want to be surrounded by – the career you love, the house you feel nourished in, the body you take excellent care of, and fun stuff like a zippy car and stylish clothes you feel good in. You don’t feel bad about it or freak out if you don’t get it. It’s just what you do to take care of yourself.

You don’t need these things to feel a sense of self-worth. AND, they becomes reflections of your self worth.

It starts within, and flows without.

This is the spiritual path of self-growth. You cannot change others, or circumstances outside your control.

But when you are tired of feeling stuck and lost, tired of doubting yourself, and tired of knowing that you are SO, so very capable of a fulfilling life where you spirit is shining brightly and you feel loved and nourished – then you become willing to look within and see what changes you can make.

YOU have the Power. It’s all in you already. The Love is already there.

It’s time to connect to it and create the life your soul knows is waiting for you.

We don’t always know how to love ourselves, though. If we aren’t used to it, what does that even look or feel like?

Also confusing. But there is way into clarity.

I have a proven process I take my clients through that completely transforms they way they experience their life.

So, if you resonate with my energy and want to explore how I can support you in loving yourself, feeling alive and fulfilled in your life, and so much more, please apply for a complimentary 60-min Unleash Your Potential Breakthrough Session with me. More information and the application can be found at:

More info for your complimentary Unleash Your Potential Breakthrough Session

Everyone has their own path on how they will get there. Find what works for you.

If I am part of your path, I’d love to support you, as I have helped so many others step fully into themselves and create what they always knew they were capable of creating, but just didn’t know how.

You deserve the best in life. Let’s do this!

Until next time…
With love and light,
Nicole Justine Cavanaugh