Luscious Energy Lifters – how to boost your energy with what you love


[This is me, getting my Mendhi done the day before my friend’s wedding this past weekend. One of the ways I lift my energy is through celebration and spending time those I love and who lift me up. This weekend was awesome! I got to reconnect with several friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.]


What lights you up?

What gives your heart that flutter and your veins that rush of excitement?

What softens you and lets you sink into the moment?

These are your Luscious Energy Lifters!

Last time, we talked about how to plug your energy drains – how to eliminate what is weighing you down. That is one way to gain more energy.

Another way is to add Energy Lifters.

When you consistently surround yourself with what gives you energy, you will sustain your energetic brilliance and feel more alive.

You see those people who seem happy, right? That is because they are. They focus on what gives them energy. And then they have more energy to give.

This could be you.

And maybe it already is, but let’s take you to the next level, too.

Here is how:

STEP ONE: Make a list or a mindmap of what gives you energy.

As an example, here is mine (shortlist):

Nicole’s Luscious Energy Lifters:

  1. Music
  2. Body movement
  3. 8-9 hours of sleep
  4. Regular connection with friends and family
  5. Surrounding myself with those who bring out the best in me
  6. Reflection time
  7. Sunshine and warmth

STEP TWO: Choose 1-2 to consciously add into your life in a more consistent/bigger/luscious way and specifically how you will do it.

For example, I have known for years that music heals and soothes and lights me up. But I didn’t make it a conscious part of my day. When I decided to consciously enhance my life with Luscious Energy Lifters, I changed that.

To lift my energy, I choose to add this to my life: Music

Here is how I will do it:

1. Begin the day with music.  [I start every morning with music. I put it on while I am getting ready, or when I am having breakfast if I need that extra pump]

2. Keep adding fresh songs. [When I hear a song on the radio I like I Shazam it and add it my playlist later]

3. Make music easily accessible.  [I also always carry around headphones in my purse so when I work in a cafe on my laptop, I plug in my headphones and have a constant soundtrack healing and motivating me.]

4. Consciously tie it to my emotions in a positive way. [I shift my mood using music with different playlists]

My life has become so much more joyous as a result of making music a regular part of it! Music adds flavor to my life and I need it. So, I consciously incorporate it.

Other examples of ways I have lifted my energy (referring to my list above), for sunshine and warmth, I now make a point to go outside every day and soak in the sun for at least a few minutes. And for regular connection with loved ones, I schedule time with friends regularly to keep those relationships healthy and growing. So, at the end of every hang out, we schedule the next one to make sure it happens. I learned that if I don’t do that, it will slip. Since I want time with friends in my life, I calendar it and make it priority.

When you know what your priorities are, put them on your calendar and create Sacred Time around them. The more you consciously take time for what is important to you and gives you energy, the more fulfilled and productive you will be.

When you fill yourself up with energy, you have more to give.

And what is it you want to give? We’ll talk about that next time.

Until then…

With love and light,

Nicole Justine Cavanaugh