Meet Nicole Justine


“To feel fulfilled and alive,
I needed to accept who God made me to be.”

~Nicole Justine Reid,
Chief Coach & Founder
Black Sheep Coaching




About Nicole Justine Reid

Nicole Justine Reid works with smart, sensitive, creative women who know they are capable of creating a successful, meaningful life, yet don’t know why they aren’t there yet. She helps them fulfill their potential and create the life they always knew they were meant to have.

Working in the Bay Area, Nicole Justine’s unique coaching method opens her clients to experience their own creativity, power, joy, and freedom. Her clients emphasize their increased sense of self-confidence, self-acceptance, clarity, purpose, and deeper satisfaction with life after working with her.

Nicole is a life coach, CTI Leadership Graduate, natural intuitive and PSYCH-K® Facilitator.

Woven into her life, Nicole enjoys restoring her spirits in the sun outside, writing poetry and other creative works, snuggling with her cat Ginger, and inhaling wisdom found in just the right string of words.

To learn more about Nicole, why she became a coach, the struggles she overcame and what her life is like on the other side, continue reading her story below.

My Story

A Different Path

I began coaching because I have personally experienced voraciously craving a deeply fulfilling life, a life that, back then, seemed impossible. Other people seemed to be able to have what I wanted – why was it so hard for me?

Because I wasn’t allowing myself to be who I was.

But I didn’t know that then. Or what that even meant.

As a sensitive, intuitive, introspective idealist, I felt that the world was too much for me at times and I got paralyzed and overwhelmed easily. I felt stuck, afraid, confused – and like I was a failure because of it. I watched my peers follow what seemed to be a straight and clear path towards their goals, while I wandered around, trying to find my direction, falling and picking myself up…again and again.

I actually thought there was something wrong with me. Well-meaning loved ones would make comments that I took personally and cut me to the core, even if their intentions were good. Each day became increasingly more uncomfortable and I started feeling really stuck and lost.

Slowly, I had learned to squash myself, to pretend that these things didn’t bother me, in order to fit in. I lived in a world of tension between wanting desperately to be seen and to contribute, and wanting to fit in, to be like everyone else.

And I didn’t know how to get out of the downward spiral.

I had no idea that there was nothing “wrong” with me; that I just hadn’t learn to focus my abilities from a place of full understanding and acceptance of my nature.

Can you relate?

Asking For Help

The day I went to see a life coach was the day my life irreversibly changed.

Someone saw me for who I was and validated it. It was through experiencing coaching that I knew I wanted to be a coach myself.

I thus began my journey of accepting my limitations and re-defining my strengths. What I had labeled as weaknesses in myself were actually what set me apart from others in a profound way. My sensitivity, intuition and introspection are what provides the power in my coaching. The parts of myself that I wasn’t accepting and the challenges I have faced in my life are huge gifts that God gave me, with a greater purpose in mind: to guide others on their path of returning to themselves.

I believe that God calls to us in many ways, through the aching in our hearts, through the people who show up in our lives, and through the miracles that are always there, if we just choose to look for them.

I am learning to accept myself for who I am. It is a continual process, a revolving door. Each time I step inside, I see more and gather more wisdom and each time I step outside, the world seems brighter.


I now get to guide others on their path and I receive so much fulfillment from that because it is a natural intersection of my gifts. I have a slower lifestyle that nourishes me, and I keep refining what that looks and feels like. I have much deeper and meaningful relationships with my friends, family, and my tribes who support who I am, because I’ve allowed them to see who I really am more and more over the years. I have learned to expand my emotional capacity, to choose happiness over perfectionism (this is continuing process), and to make decisions and set boundaries that are consciously and clearly in alignment with my values. I surround myself with people who support who I am, I practice radical self-care daily, and I begin each morning connecting to Source. I am now comfortable in my own skin and because of that, I enjoy my life more fully.

Is my life perfect? No. There’s more that I want, new levels of expansion I am evolving into. And, I’ve started to realize that the search for perfection is the trap of death. So, I keep focusing my energies on celebrating each small step I take, enjoying the process just as much as the results. That has been one of my own biggest transformations because I interact with my life differently – more lovingly, more present.

I want this for you, too.

My own life is a testament to the power of the transformational methods I have used with myself and received from others – and to accepting and embracing my gifts and to be able to share them to help others live a more fulfilling life.

To feel fulfilled and alive, I needed to accept who God made me to be.

I believe life is meant to teach us how to be the best versions of ourselves, and our life lessons may be wrapped in struggles or in celebrations. I know from personal experience that this process is much faster, easier, and more solid when you have the support of someone else along the way.


On a Mission

Black Sheep Coaching’s mission is to guide the brilliance of the feminine into a state of integrated wholeness and expanded potential, accelerating the balance of energies to a higher vibration on the planet.


An Interview With Nicole Justine Reid

How does your work stand out from others who do what you do?
I understand first-hand what it is like to want to help others and feel paralyzed as to how to bring forth my gifts into the world. I was stuck for a long time myself, in the wrong jobs, wandering around, disconnected from myself.

But I did the work and I changed that. And I am still doing the work, because I believe this is a life-long journey. So, I bring awareness, sensitivity and understanding to what my clients may also be going through. Using my intuition and empathy, I “get” where my clients are, so we can connect on an emotional level. Coaching is a deep process and a lot of emotions can come up, so being able to “be” with my clients in whatever space they are in is important to their growth.

My ability to balance my creativity with organization helps me understand my clients who have a creative, wandering mind and help them get more focused and organized. Likewise, the other way around, I leverage my creativity when my client may be stuck in a  narrow perspective to help her to see more possibilities. My art background and natural creativity and zest for self-expression are tools I use to shake my clients out of their minds if need be.

What do you like most about your job?
I view this as a calling. And anyone who sees my astrological chart will know I am in the exact right profession – it’s a natural convergence of all my gifts, interests, and passions. I love being a witness and participant to my clients’ growth and transformation. It is so rewarding to see the shift from when someone comes into my office feeling stuck, or wherever they are at, and then leaving with confidence and a huge smile. I feel blessed knowing that I was a part of helping them embrace who they are and empowering them to create the changes they want in their lives. And then, actually seeing them make those changes is so powerful. It’s truly amazing and humbling.

If you were a client, what would you want to know about your coach? What would make you decide to work with that coach?
For me, it comes down to that intuitive feeling, that “click” of can this person help me? You will know if you feel it. Make sure you feel a good connection with your coach. Otherwise, good questions to ask are, do you have experience coaching someone on The Topic that I need coaching on? What has been your clients’ results? What other experience and skills do you have to offer?

I would want to know what got the person into coaching in the first place. Why are they passionate about coaching? And does that fit what I am looking for in a coach? Even though coaches have the skill set to coach on any topic without necessarily experiencing what the client is experiencing in her life, I personally would want a coach who has “been there, done that” and gets where I am coming from. I would want to feel that sense of empathy, understanding, and non-judgmental support. I strive to do this in my work with my clients.

What are the driving principles behind your work?
My values drive my business: Creativity, Play, Faith, and Risk for the sake of growth.

What else do you want women to know?
You get to choose how you want to be in each moment. We are so often shut down from ourselves because we are trying to be like others, to make decisions they will approve of in order to be accepted, liked, and loved. We sometimes forget how to connect to who we really are. Remember that each moment is a choice. Choosing to be you is a fluid, dynamic process.

Embracing who you are is the key to life fulfillment. In the history of the world, the world as it is now, and the world to come, there will never be anyone like you. Never. People crave what you have to offer. Embrace that you have something to offer and that that is a good thing. God gave you a purpose on this earth. It is your honor and responsibility to live it.

Are you ready to fulfill your potential and be all you can be?

Click here to apply for your complimentary 60-min Fulfill Your Potential breakthrough session now!



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