Enjoying the sun“I’d never fully invested in myself spiritually and emotionally like I did with coaching with Nicole. My time with Nicole yielded infinitely better results than I had seen in both of the previous years combined.

~Elizabeth May,
Digital Marketing Guru/Part-Time Personal Finance Savant

Where are you on your spiritual journey to becoming all of who you can be?


You’re a spiritual seeker who Has Started her path…

  • But you haven’t quite found what you are looking for…yet.
  • You’re excited and hopeful and maybe a little – or very – terrified, and at times you doubt yourself as to what you really want.
  • You tend to be sensitive and intuitive and have a spiritual and creative nature
  • You care deeply about our world and want to make a difference, but you aren’t exactly sure what that looks like or how to do it.

Yes! This is me! Read more to know your next step to Unleash Your Potential…

You’re Already Well on your spiritual path…

  • And now you’re ready to take steps to the Mastery Level.
  • You are already connected to your gifts and you are actively engaging them in your life and in your work.
  • You have a spiritual practice of some kind and life is good all in all.
  • But you are wanting to make a greater impact on the world and you wonder how to do this.

Yes! This is me! Read more to know your next step to Master Your Potential…

“I came from a place of confusion to a place of clarity!
Nicole Justine is fabulous. After a couple of sessions I wanted to shout from the roof tops!”

~Barbara Scopel, Massage Therapist

Unleash Your Potential

Unleash Your Potential

Unleash Your Potential

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Transformational Programs

Transformational Programs

Transformational Programs