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Elizabeth May_Black Sheep Coaching testimonial“If you’re like me, a smart, type-A, driven lady, then when you feel “out of sorts,” it can feel incredibly exhausting. Seemingly simple tasks and decisions feel much harder than you believe those decisions need to be leading to procrastination and this strong feeling that…you’re not living up to your potential. So, being the driven and creative person that you are, you seek help online in forums, blogs, and perhaps online paid-courses to nourish that nagging feeling that something’s not right in your life.

I’d never fully invested in myself spiritually and emotionally like I did with coaching with Nicole. With her coaching, I had an instant connection and warmth that I’ve never felt with any online course, YouTube video, or self-help book. So not only did our sessions “feel” good, and left me feeling better off, but when I evaluated years 2012, 2013, and 2014 in terms of “happiness” and “accomplishments,” my time with Nicole in 2014 yielded infinitely better results than I had seen in both of the previous years combined. I had no problem getting raises and promotions at work before, but now, the positions and salaries I say “yes” to actually mean something to me. It’s worth trying and seeing for yourself how beautiful “unstuck” can feel.”

~ Elizabeth May, Digital Marketing Guru/Part-Time Personal Finance Savant

It is clear to me that Nicole has helped many people through her practice, as shown through her many positive reviews. I am no different. Over the course of a few years, Nicole worked with me to bring out my true potential. She utilizes a very customized approach to harness your inner power. Her warm inviting personality, well led sessions and follow up make for a experience that can change your life. It did for me. I confronted many things that were hurdles for me in my life, and subsequently have been able to overcome them with time. The best part is once you overcome that first hurdle you gain confidence and you start to look for the next challenge. Then you tackle that one, so on and so forth. Before you know it you are up and running and tackling the world.

I mentioned it above but I like that it is not a formulaic program but individually tailored to each individual. I have not been for a number of months but I still check in with her, to let her know how I am doing. Her encouragement continues even though I am not going to see her all the time. I would highly recommend her to give a boost to your life that will last.

~ Chris H.

Cristina Melnikoff“Nicole is tremendous! She has helped me flip my life back to the path I want and deserve. When I first came to Nicole, I was sad, lonely and felt unfulfilled, even though I had many friends, family and a husband who loved me. I needed a change and to do something in life that brought out my creativity. I wanted to feel passion every day and enjoy life. Nicole brought me to bliss.

Nicole is someone I can talk to and feel comfortable to sort out life and get me back where I want to be. She helps you achieve your goals by helping you find your resourcefulness within.

I came to Nicole as a sad little girl and finally feel I am the confident and proud woman I always knew was there. I quit my job and started culinary school. I have never been so happy. I have to keep blinking every day to make sure life is still real and I am not in a dream. Finally, I understand what it means ‘to be you confidently.’ If you do not understand that phrase, I suggest speaking with Nicole and you will never look back.”

~ Cristina Harris, Chef in the Making


Allison Chang

Do yourself a favor and call Nicole right now. Yes, you’re smart and resourceful and can muddle along for a bit longer…but why do that when a wise, insightful coach is ready to help?!

I felt stuck in my career and hemmed in by my life choices…and of course blaming myself for not being able to “fix” things on my own. I knew that I didn’t need a therapist so much as a guide, someone who could listen to me with no judgment and offer fresh perspectives. From our initial consultation, it was clear that Nicole “got” me and that she was the one to help me figure out my next steps. Within a few sessions, I was reconnected with my creative spark and learning to listen to my gut/intuition for the first time in years…so refreshing to get out of my head and into real life!

The experience was emotionally intense–no easy answers here–but ultimately worth it. Like any great teacher, Nicole equips you to tackle your own challenges down, so the investment you make now will serve you the rest of your life. Call her!!

~ Allison C., Consultant, Writer, Parent


Kris Cesena tshit“Nicole helped me with all aspects of my life. Better time management was my initial focus, but during our meetings Nicole guided me to discuss other things that were weighing on me, my work, my relationships and how I felt about myself. I came away with more confidence about my leadership abilities, my communication and relationship skills and especially my time management. I find I’m getting more things done now, and not letting the little things bother me as much.

Nicole was very easy to work with. She is so energetic and upbeat. Her smile and enthusiasm are infectious. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking some inspiration or guidance in any aspect of their lives.”

~Kris Cesena, Owner of Auto Repair & Service Shop


“I was on the fence about life coaching until I met Nicole. Her upbeat attitude, warm spirit and fun(ny), inquisitive approach won me over instantly. I needed help breaking out of old thought patterns that were holding me back. Nicole helped me shift my perspective along with giving me tools (making heart-based decisions through body awareness–mind blowing!) to start a process of opening my mind and spirit to a whole new level of consciousness. If you’re looking to get back in touch with You, work with Nicole.”

~ Tami Kim, Graphic Designer

“If you’re reading this, something obviously led you here. I myself was in the throes of what some annoyingly call a “quarter-life crisis.” I had just gone through a few rough years and decided to quit my shiny corporate job in search of something less soul-crushing and more creatively gratifying. After nearly a decade of feeling lost (and having found no help of any real value elsewhere), I was finally ready to admit that a little coaching was worth a try.

Nicole immediately called me out on several behaviors that were holding me back in a major way. She didn’t stare at me blankly – she made me work! With Nicole as a guide, it became quite the exciting journey. Her sweet demeanor and sunshine-bright smile instantly put me at ease, and her unexpectedly Socratic method assisted me in shedding many destructive thought patterns. She also helped me to adopt many new habits that helped me to view myself in a much more positive and trusting light.

What can I say? Life is a journey of expansion, and it’s not always easy. So for those times when you feel like you could use a Sherpa, go see Nicole. She’s amazing. Trust me. ”

~ Alexandra F., Producer/Songwriter


I can’t rave enough about Nicole. Even though I am a writer, words don’t feel adequate to describe my time with Nicole! Working with her was taking myself and my experiences to a whole other level. She helped me to tap into my spiritual, intuitive and personal power. She helped me to understand that process is where it’s all at. She helped to embrace radical self care. And although it was an intense experience working with her, it didn’t feel like work….it was so much fun. Nicole is smart, warm, funny, intuitive, embracing, and articulate. I can be prone to cynical criticism, but wow, all I want to be is gushy about Nicole!

~ Adina L.

Rachel Cooley“Nicole is a powerful and naturally intuitive coach who helps her clients to really tap into what it is that they need and want in life so that they can be on their life purpose and thrive. She is also wonderful at helping guide you though powerful action steps so you can achieve what you need in your life. I highly recommend her!”

~Rachel Cooley, Angel Therapist®





“I sought out a life coach as traditional therapy was helping, but felt slow. Coaching is much more about action! In ten sessions, over about 3 months, I have been able to notice significant shifts in my thinking, mindfulness, and do feel more confident in my own skin. Aside from the results, Nicole is one of the most upbeat, honest, intuitive and encouraging people I know. If anyone is on the fence about trying a life coach, I would highly recommend Black Sheep Coaching.”

~ G. Ferraris

“I contacted Nicole after struggling with the same questions over and over. I wanted to take charge of my career and I was stuck. Nicole helped walk me through my doubts and, more importantly, she taught me to recognize my natural strengths and encouraged me to pursue a path that suited me, rather than reshaping myself to fit a mold I thought I should fit. The process was really fantastic, and no-pressure. I immediately felt like Nicole genuinely wanted me to succeed and having her on my side would be an asset.

I can definitely say it was worthwhile! I have a clarity and confidence that I wouldn’t have had before, as well as skills and tools that I can use to keep myself motivated and on track. I’ve been able to apply these tactics to many different aspects of my life. Thanks, Nicole!”

~Asma Stephan, Content Strategist

“After working with Nicole, I feel like I live life more fully. I am more present, and make more conscientious decisions. I feel that I spend my time more wisely, and dedicate more time to doing the things that are more important to me.

Nicole has helped me to learn what my needs are, such as needs for beauty, serenity, and the arts. I feel more grounded and self-aware, and my husband has also remarked about how I seem happier in general, making me easier to get along with. I have been a much happier person since we’ve started working together. Nicole’s work is outstanding. She excels at listening to her clients and gets results.”

~Dorothy Pang, Acupuncturist

“Nicole is THE BEST! I was really lost as in which road to follow with my career. I had spoken to anyone, and everyone, about what I should be doing, yet, I still couldn’t find my way. Then I met Nicole!! She really helped open my eyes, and made me realize what I was passionate about.

She’s friendly, open, and honest. Very upbeat and positive. I always enjoyed our meetings and took away something new each time. What I really liked about working with Nicole was that she gave me “homework” which helped me stay on track. She’ll help guide you. Just make sure that you walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

If you need guidance I highly suggest Nicole. She’ll help guide you onto the path you wish to be. Thank you Nicole!”

~Tracy Avelar, Soon-to-be-Entrepreneur & Surrogate Mother

“What’s there not to love about Nicole! She’s amazing! I was feeling stuck in my current position and she helped me to navigate ways to get unstuck and led me back to considering a three-fold career path for my future that will satisfy all of my many life passions. She’s easygoing and really cares about helping you to find your north star. You rock Nicole!”

~ Joelle B.

“I just wasn’t sure what to do next with my life. Nicole helped me identify what it was I wanted to work on, and how I could bring all the areas (work, relationships, finance, self) of my life into balance. She is really good at drawing me out, if I’m “stuck” and gently pushes me to stretch myself, whether it’s in the way I think about something, or just doing something that might be out of my comfort zone.

The one thing that surprised me about our sessions is that Nicole really wants me to become independent and help myself to be my own “life coach”, rather than relying on her to feed me the answers. She helped me to see that I have all the tools I need, I just need to listen to myself, become more confident, and then act. I would recommend Nicole as a life coach, whether you are going through a big crisis, or like me, just not sure where to go next in your life.”

~Stefanie Thueson, Professional Childcare Provider

“Nicole has brought so much light and freedom into my life. Just the few months we have been seeing each other I have flourished in ways I doubted were possible. I want everyone to feel the way I do! Nicole is such a motivation and inspiration and I am glad to have her in my life. Many thanks, Nicole. I can envision the plastic wrap melting away and my vision is becoming clearer.”

~Serena Rascon, Professional Dancer & Traveling Artist

“While being with Nicole as my Life Coach, I came from a place of confusion to a place of clarity! My self esteem needed a boost and she is quick and clever in coming up with suggestions to guide you in to another way of viewing every situation. She provides “homework” so we can then implement the importance of her insights into our daily lives. She is fabulous!! After a couple of sessions I wanted to shout from the roof tops!”

~Barbara Scopel, Massage Therapist

“I began working with Nicole during a period of severe transition in my life. I had just left a full-time job to follow my myriad dreams. One thing I was dealing with was having being too inspired, and unable to prioritize. With her help, I have employed patience for myself and my projects.  Just when I feel like I am up against a wall, she whips out a new tool to help me look at it from an empowering and creative perspective.  She has given me tools to use not only during our sessions but all the time to ensure that I walk through life confident and empowered to harness my creativity and dreams.

~Jennifer Heller, Web Designer, Artist, and Entrepreneur

“Nicole is a fantastic coach! I got so much out of our meeting. In just one hour, Nicole helped me define my unique abilities and devise a strategy for updating my image through both physical appearance and website. She listened intently to what I was saying and fed it back to me in targeted terms that I can use to market myself. I can’t wait to see how I’ll move forward with another session! Thanks Nicole!”

~Denise Springer, Astrologer

“I sat down with Nicole for a session and she had me reevaluating and rethinking how I have been presenting myself in the business world. She asks the questions that makes you really focus on your self growth. I felt comfortable talking with Nicole and she was very professional to work with.”

~Rondi Johnson D.C., Upper Cervical Chiropractor

“Nicole helped me to explore my way of thinking and alter it to the happier and smarter way. She is warm, understanding and compassionate, but never loses the perspective and goals of coaching. If you want to improve your life quality, sort out a challenging professional or personal situation try coaching with Nicole. I loved it!”

~Anna Ostashevskaya-Gohstand, ACE-certified Personal Trainer

“What I found in Nicole was exactly what I was looking for. I found support for my passion and vision and someone who would gently nudge me up, even reaching out a hand when I began my spiraling downward. Nicole allowed my natural energy to emerge at it’s own pace – not forcing me to “suck it up” or “push my way through”. I can now say that I have created an incredible work situation and also find myself in an wonderful personal relationship – both which seemed so far away have manifested at lightning speed once, with Nicole’s help, I was able to pull out the weeds around me and let my natural growth occur. I would recommend Nicole to anyone.”

~Andrew, Creative Genius

I scheduled my initial session with Nicole at the urging of a friend who had also worked with her achieving amazing results. I had personally struggled with self-doubt and self-criticism my whole life and I needed help because my life was passing me by. I had tried everything.

Working with Nicole literally changed my life. It brought me into the present moment and gave me the tools to finally see with and to trust my own eyes. I am no longer at odds with myself or if I am, I recognize it. Nicole is the embodiment of passion for helping others. She listens and mirrors back what is being said extremely well. She helped me face and overcome my fears. She is energetic and empathetic. I looked forward to every session as well as the action steps I took between sessions to change my life!

I have hit every big and small goal I’ve set for myself since working with her. I am on my path. Furthermore, I am now in a wonderful relationship and back in school pursuing my dreams! I love myself enthusiastically and am now an active engaged creator of my own success. Schedule your initial session, don’t hesitate. Your life awaits and the world needs you.

~Chris T.

“Nicole has helped me understand myself and be happy. She brings a startlingly deep and personal touch to her interactions; time with her is some of my most valuable in my busy workweek.”

~David E. Weekly, Founder & Chairman, PBworks

“I faced a variety of possible future directions in my career and family/social life. Nicole helped me stop “spinning my wheels” and choose a direction and get on with it. She listens incredibly well, beyond just the words, and plays back what she hears in a structured manner. In my case, she dramatically clarified my situation. Choices that seemed impossibly hard to compare were suddenly very clear.

Nicole is also incredibly inspiring. She points out, correctly, the very real progress that I have made, as a reminder during times when I am down about facing difficulties. Nicole seems like a natural as a life coach. If the field did not exist, I suspect that she would invent it.”

~Art A., Energy Finance

“Nicole helped me find my direction in my new retirement adventure. I didn’t have a plan and was running low on goals and motivation. Nicole helped me identify the pertinent features from the work world that still need to be satisfied in retirement. Now I have nigher energy to fill my additional time with meaningful projects and fun activities. Thanks Nicole!”

~Erik S., IT retiree

“I find Nicole to be wise beyond her years, very helpful, a good listener and best yet she sets a great example of integrity. She is a special gal whose positive attitude shines through. I believe she has worked very hard to prove herself while learning her trade and will be remarkably successful!”

~Vince Cirigliano, President, Professional Mortgage Brokerage Services


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