Relax in Ten


This bite-size meditation aids in relaxing and de-stressing. With soothing ambiance and gentle words you are encouraged to shed the thoughts of a busy day for ten minutes in order to focus your awareness simply on the rhythm of your breath.

The beginning of the exercise introduces you to the concept of a Mental Clarity Box. This is a mental construct which helps to quieten the mind before commencing with the exercise. When prompted to use your Mental Clarity Box visualize a strong container from which nothing can escape. Within it you place any thoughts or concerns that may hinder your concentration during the exercise. I encourage you to place symbolic images of the thoughts or concerns to make it more tangible. For example, if you have concerns around money – place an empty wallet or purse inside the box.

The main part of the exercises concentrates on breath awareness to create a singular point of focus for you in order to quiet the mind. Let go and flow with the exercise.

This is exercise can be used as part of a daily routine, perhaps to start the day off or during a lunch break. If you feel comfortable with the verbal guidance you can try the non-verbally guided version which is simply the soothing ambient sounds.

You have a choice between verbally guided or non-verbally guided. Enjoy!