Taking Imperfect Action

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You’re smart. You have a lot of talents and gifts to share. You’re a woman of high potential.

While you know this is all great, sometimes your overactive mind can cause you to overthink things. Sometimes, you don’t feel totally clear on what you are doing, or you are afraid people will judge you, so you overthink everything before you move ahead.

You want to be liked and you want to appear to have it all together or others may think you are a fraud.

So, you think it all through…just a bit longer. And tweak this part. And re-do that part.

This is perfectionism and it is holding you back from taking action.

Action that you need to take to pursue the life you want to live.

There is a difference between striving to be your best self (valuing growth and living into your potential) and perfectionism (needing to be perfect to get others to like you and avoid the fear of judgment).

Striving to be your best self is a messy, creative, expansive process. It is moving towards that which you want and who you are becoming.

Perfectionism is a constricted, suffocating loop motivated by avoidance and fear. It is actually the enemy of creativity and growth, though it likes to mask itself as your friend.

It feels different, doesn’t it? You have probably felt the difference in your body when you are caught in this cycle.

What does it feel like for you? Shut down? Small? Closed?

Luckily, there is a way out: Take imperfect action.

It might be uncomfortable at first to allow yourself to experiment, to put yourself out there, to be willing to fail. But failure is a part of growth. It’s a good thing. Moving towards that which you want involves deciphering what is not part of the end result, and that is where failure comes in. it teaches you how to do things better the next time, urging you towards growth.

You only learn this by trying and seeing what happens. By taking imperfect action.

So, what is something you have been procrastinating on? What is something that you have been overthinking, stuck in a loop? What have you been taking too long on, out of a desire to make it “perfect”, only to keep it hidden or unfinished because perfect doesn’t exist?

I encourage you to take imperfect action. Writing a novel and wanting the wording to be just right? Just write instead. See what shows up on the page.

Considering a career move? Go interview people in the field and ask them what they like and don’t like about their jobs.

You can even set a timeframe for yourself: For today/for this hour/for this 15 minutes, I give myself permission to take imperfection action. See what happens.

Start there. At least you will be starting.

And learning along the way. Which can be exciting and open new, unexpected doors.


Until next time…

With light and love,

Nicole Justine Cavanaugh


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