The Antidote to Scatteredness

I have been feeling scattered lately and this happens to me in waves. Once I am on target, I can be a very organized person. Do you feel the same way? How do we get on target and laser in our focus?

Enter “Morning Pages.” Morning Pages, coined by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way, are a way to release from your mind all the clutter that is scattering you in different directions. Each morning, you sit down and write out at least three pages of whatever is on your mind, in a stream-of-consciousness fashion, and at the end you feel more centered, grounded, and creative. This is one of the most powerful tools I use to focus myself.

Just this morning I sat down, thinking I had nothing to write, and by the end I had clarified what was holding me back and what action steps I needed to take on several projects I am working on. I feel motivated and grounded. I can now creatively and authentically pursue these action steps because they are clear and my mind has less “stuff” floating around in it.

When I am at my most scattered, the last thing I want to do is sit down and write. It feels like a waste of time and I don’t even know where to begin.

But once I just get my butt in my chair, my fingers begin to dance over the keys and suddenly a flood of information gushes out of me and pours on to the page. (She recommends hand-writing out your pages, but my brain moves too fast for that and I am more calm when I type it out). Part of using any tool is adjusting what is needed to have it work effectively for you.

Morning Pages are not meant to be creative or beautiful. In fact, they are a release of the ugly. Go ahead and whine! Get it out of your system! When you write out whatever is going on in your mind, you release all the stuff that is bogging you down and you create a channel through which your creativity and aliveness may flow.