The Force is in the Flow

I started the Peninsula Black Sheep Meetup Group last year and we have had an amazing and continual growth. At first, I wanted to force it to all come together – I had this vision, you see, and I needed it to happen now.

Well, you know where this is going.

It hasn’t evolved the way I wanted it to. Not as fast as I wanted. Not magically overnight.

But it has evolved organically. And it feels natural, and real.

Which is what I wanted. It just looks different!

Our group had a moment today when we truly realized how far we have come – new faces, regulars, all coming together, all celebrating our individuality. I wanted our group to be about doing exciting things, doing this, doing that.

But I realized today that our group is about who we are, not what we do.

That has emerged from the flow of the group’s growth. And from that place of being, slowly cool things are emerging that we might do! And, more importantly, today there was laughter. There was connection. There were smiles, new bonds being made, honesty opening up.

That was totally part of my vision.

So, I am learning that instead of trying to force the Flow, when we allow Flow, a powerful force occurs.

The Force is in the Flow, not the other way around.