The Most Important Thing To Do

Sometimes, it matters less what you are “doing” and more about how you are “being” around it.

Sometimes, the most important thing to actually “do” is to focus on how to “be.” Action taken from a centered place is more enjoyable and effective.

When I am taking action from a place of anxiety, the process is no longer enjoyable and the result even becomes dulled. This is how life can subtly and sneakily become un-enjoyable, because life is just a string of moments. Every moment matters.

Today, I feel scattered, despite my morning ritual. I do something, then get get distracted and do something else, then get flustered and have no idea what direction in which I am going.

Whew. Breathe. Re-center.

These are the moments when it matters *most* to get re-centered. To take a moment to be still, to connect to God and to the divine within me. To re-enter the flow and participate in the greater energy that connects all us.

I have heard it said that Mother Theresa prayed every day for an hour, and on her busiest days, she prayed for two.