The Prison of Expectation

Expectations are prisons.

I used to think that the way to achieve a goal was to expect it to happen – those who didn’t expect the best wouldn’t receive it. And yet, I have found that that really isn’t true.

It is those who connect to inner strength – and hold on to that through turbulence and chaos – that thrive when outcomes aren’t what they expected.

Because, in being open to the process, something better may come along that you hadn’t thought of.

To be clear, I don’t think there is any real truth to life – there are so many perspectives, so many layers, so many contradictions. That is the open-minded side of me speaking. But I do know that, for me, expectations usually lead to attachment – attachment to not only a specific outcome but also how that outcome will be achieved.

And if it doesn’t happen the way I want it, it is a failure, it is nothing, it was a waste of time, why do I even bother?

This is the real prison: The attachment to the process, rather than the interaction with it. There is no room to move here. It is stifling.

It is certainly fine to hold intentions. To want something to turn out a certain way, to strive for it.

But we must leave room for a higher source to lead us to what is even better for us.

It is so hard to let go of self-will. Expectations are a manifestation of stubborn self-will. It feels constricted, like you are crushing something desperately for fear you will lose it.

Trust in self is the result of connecting to a higher source. Being open to the process, while being true to yourself, feels light and clear. Room to breathe here.

Do you agree?